2020 Tournament Results

2020 Parent-Junior Scramble

The 2020 golf season will definitely be one-of-kind. With our club tournaments running as tee time tournaments, there will be situations where participants leave the club prior to the completion of the event – and miss the prizing. In an effort to ensure everyone knows the winners/results of each event, we will be posting them here. We have all the prizes in the Pro-Shop, so if you see your name, stop by and grab them when you get a chance!

We also wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Nicole Lydiard for setting this up. Your help and dedication is greatly appreciated by all of us here at IGC.

Parent-Junior Scramble Draw Prize Winners

Konnor Artwell

Mason Thompson

Kolby Thompson

Olivia Becker

Kayden McCleod

Jaxon Eiler

Sean Eiler

Denver Smith

Tyrus Toews

Connor Fenton

Quin Tomalty

Keegan Kennedy

Aubrey Fraser

Cade Asmundson

Jace Asmundson

Nixon Gaebel

Ronan Lattery

Blake Bristow

Carson Bristow

Nolan Bristow

Brooklyn Oxtoby

Danica Oxtoby

Emerson Love

Ryan Dehaan

Kolby Blackburn

Nolen Burton

Jack Hollis

Easton Bosse

Kaden Stott

2020 Senior Open

We wanted to send out a special congratulations to Charlie Dallas, who was able to shoot his age (87) during the event!! What an amazing feet Charlie!

Senior Ladies Team Net ‘A’ Flight

1st Low Net – J. MacKenzie & C. Stephenson 62
2nd Low Net – D. Andresen & D. Morrow 63
3rd Low Net – K. Derks & D. Dean

Senior Ladies Team Net ‘B’ Flight

1st Low Net – W. Busch & B. Romane 59
2nd Low Net – B. Meding & H. Verbitsky 60
3rd Low Net – D. Cormier & G. Young
Senior Ladies Stroke Play Event

1st Low Gross – C. Spicer 88
1st Low Net – M. Mott 69 (Net)

Senior Men’s Team Net ‘A’ Flight

1st Low Net – A. Cooper & T. Gilbert 62
2nd Low Net – J. Romane & J. Beardsworth 63
3rd Low Net – E. Plitz & D. McMullen

Senior Men’s Team Net ‘B’ Flight

1st Low Net – B. Busch & G. Lapierre 61
2nd Low Net – J. Davidson & D. Radomske 63
3rd Low Net – D. Weisbrod & G. White

Senior Men’s Stroke Play Event ‘A’ Flight

1st Low Gross – J. Shanahan 72
2nd Low Gross – C. Dallas 78
3rd Low Gross – K. Newton
1st Low Net – N. Dixon
72 (Net)
2nd Low Net – D. Rundell
78 (Net)
3rd Low Net – L. Swelin
79 (Net)

Senior Men’s Stroke Play Event ‘B’ Flight

1st Low Gross – D. Dow 80
2nd Low Gross – B. Vanderham 83
3rd Low Gross – L. Menage
1st Low Net – D. Quartly
74 (Net)
2nd Low Net – G. Meding
75 (Net)
3rd Low Net – T. Frere
78 (Net)

Senior Men’s Stroke Play Event ‘C’ Flight

1st Low Gross – W. McQuaid 87
2nd Low Gross – C. Dallas 87
3rd Low Gross – D. Ouellette
1st Low Net – N. Damgaard
67 (Net)
2nd Low Net – D. Moe
71 (Net)
3rd Low Net – G. Severtson
73 (Net)

If you wish to know the full results of the event, please contact the Pro-Shop. We will be happy to inform you of the entire results of the field.

2020 Ladies Open

Ladies Open ‘A’ Flight

1st Low Gross – J. McInnis & S. McInnis 80
1st Low Net – L. Schmidek & S. Phillips 65 (Net)
2nd Low Net – M. Won & J. Park
65 (Net)

Ladies Open ‘B’ Flight

1st Low Gross – H. Adair & B. Herman 81
1st Low Net – L. Schmucker & M. Goranson 63 (Net)
2nd Low Net – S. Jeong & K. Jeong
64 (Net)

Ladies Open ‘C’ Flight

1st Low Gross – W. Busch & B. Romane 90
1st Low Net – D. Nelson & G. Poronich 64 (Net)
2nd Low Net – L. Fedoruk & J. Haskey
66 (Net)

Ladies Open ‘D’ Flight

1st Low Gross – S. Hall & D. Kwong 86
1st Low Net – S. Saunders & L. Miller 58 (Net)
2nd Low Net – D. Herdman & W. Attwell
60 (Net)
Ladies Open ‘E’ Flight

1st Low Gross – D. Spiller & K. McCauliffe 96
1st Low Net – K. Peden & T. Bieberdorf 59 (Net)
2nd Low Net – C. Quartly & V. Lakusta
61 (Net)

2020 Junior Open

Junior Boys Born 2001-2003

1st Low Gross – Cole Ruelling 80
2nd Low Gross – Dyson Zukiwsky 86
Low Net – Anthony Chatwood
Junior Boys Born 2004-2005

1st Low Gross – Sabastain Berube 79
2nd Low Gross – Cole Fox 80
3rd Low Gross – Aidan Fong
4th Low Gross – Reid Williamson
5th Low Gross – Josiah Tong
1st Low Net – Carson Conger 78
2nd Low Net 79
3rd Low Net – Ned Booth
Junior Boys Born 2006 or Later

1st Low Gross – Ryan Garbutt
Overall Boys Champion
2nd Low Gross – Chris Colberg 79
3rd Low Gross – Jake Brooks
4th Low Gross – Saahir Sharma 84
5th Low Gross – Cole Serdachny 85
6th Low Gross – Tobias Buffam 86
7th Low Gross – Nolan Chanyi 87
8th Low Gross – Sean Kelly 88
9th Low Gross – Rylan Ramsay 89

Junior Boys 2006 or Later (Net Winners)

1st Low Net – Colby Adams 80
2nd Low Net – Noah Kehler 80
3rd Low Net – Easton McKinlay
4th Low Net – Austin Wolf
5th Low Net – Garnett Smith
6th Low Net -Reid Pascoe
Junior Girls Division

1st Low Gross – Ella Gifford
Overall Girls Champion
2nd Low Gross – Aleah Shields 91
3rd Low Gross – Serin Girard

1st Low Net – Nicole Rohr 78
2nd Low Net – Aliyah Hull 85

Team Net Best Ball

1st Place – Cole Fox/Jace Ouellette 62
2nd Place – Reid/Russ Williamson 63
3rd Place – Nicole/Ray Rohr
4th Place – Kristin/Craig McGeachie
5th Place – Aleah Shields/Ayo Rodipe