Policies, Rules & Regulations

Booking Policy

General Public

Weekday and Weekend Tee Times

All bookings available after 6:30am – no more than 7 days in advance for any day either via telephone (403)227-3444 ext. 3 or via our online booking system.

Twosomes will not be permitted to tee off on weekends without permission from the Pro Shop staff. When reserving a tee time please remember that it is club policy to pair all twosomes up whenever possible, meaning that it is imperative that you inform the pro shop of any changes to your booking.

For advanced bookings (for groups of 12 players or more) please contact Club Manager Darren Black @ (403)227-3444 ext. 6 or via email.


Members must fill out a ballot sheet provided near the clubhouse computer. Names of the group must be included (member or non) along with the desired date of play. Choosing in order of preference, three 1-hour time blocks they would like their tee time and place ballot in the box. Tee Times from the ballot will be posted Friday for the following weekend.

Manual ballot submissions can be made beginning Saturday morning and continuing until 3:00pm Friday for the following weekend. Ballots can be submitted for groups of 2-4 players.

Weekday Bookings: May be made by phone or online 7 days in advance.


Junior golfers may book tee times and play any available times during the weekdays (Monday – Thursday). However, they are restricted to bookings after 4:00pm on weekends unless playing with an adult.

Junior players must be accompanied by at least one adult on weekends if teeing off before 4pm.

Weekends are considered to be Friday – Sunday & Holidays for the season. If it happens no adult is able to accompany the group, the Pro-Shop staff will not permit the group to tee off.

Weekday Bookings: May be made by phone or online 7 days in advance.

Please Remember: No Shows” are expensive and costly to the Golf Club. Please be sure to cancel your tee time so that we may sell or assign it to another customer.

Dress Code

All players and volunteers need to comply with the Innisfail Golf Club dress code.Tailored pants or shorts and a collared shirt are suggested. Ladies may wear a shirt without a collar, providing it has sleeves, or they may wear a sleeveless shirt providing it has a collar. Persons not following the dress code will be denied access to the golf course.

Only golf shoes with soft spikes (no metal spikes) or shoes with soft soles will be permitted.


  • Sweat Pants
  • Cut-offs
  • Gym shorts, Tennis shorts
  • Muscle or Tank shirts
  • Spaghetti Straps
  • Obscenely lettered clothing
  • Ripped or torn clothing

Management is empowered to enforce this Dress Code and will make discretionary decisions where necessary.

Pace of Play & Etiquette

In an effort to live up to our reputation as one of the best golf experiences in Alberta, it is our goal to provide consistency starting from the First Tee. Starters & Marshalls will be present for the majority of the day. This coverage may vary on days of low usage. To ensure the efficient operations of our facility, all guests and members please be aware of the Club’s expectations before you Tee off.

  1. Play quickly and please keep up with the group in front
  2. Estimated time of play is 4 hours 25 minutes
  3. Course marshal has the authority to direct you to pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee if your group falls behind one complete hole
  4. Obey all on course signs
  5. Maintenance personnel have the right of way
  6. All complaints and inquiries must be directed to the appropriate department manager. All club rules and rules of common courtesy must be strictly adhered to for the benefit and safety of all


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are players permitted to bring their own Alcoholic beverages onto these premises as this is an A.G.L.C. LICENSED FACILITY


2019 Golf Rules