Rules & Regulations

At the Innisfail Golf Club, we have always done our utmost to protect our members, guests, and staff from the spread of COVID-19. We are continuing our commitment to the health and safety of all our patrons and staff, by adhering strictly to the new guidelines brought forward. These restrictions include:

  1. Players may only golf with those who live in the same household, or if the person lives alone, they may golf with two other players, both of whom must be in that player’s “close-contact” group.
    1. We will be making all players aware of these restrictions when their tee times are booked. Any players who are caught playing golf with members who aren’t a part of their household or “close-contact” group may be subject to fines.
  2. To ensure that tee time booking policies are being enforced to the best of our abilities, online booking will be disabled for the time being. All tee times must be booked by telephone starting at 7:00 AM (8 days in advance for members and 7 days for non-members) (403)227-3444 ext. 2
    1. With this policy in place, we will not be pairing up groups or individuals. This means we will see a lot of singles, twosomes, and threesomes out on the course at any given time.
  3. Players will only be allowed to ride in a power cart with members of their same household. Players who are “close-contacts” but do not live in the same household MUST take separate power carts.
    1. Power carts will be available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. We will do our utmost to ensure that all players have the ability to ride a cart, but we cannot guarantee any player’s power carts at this time.
    2. Our staff will continue to sanitize all power carts and high touch-point areas, to help keep patrons safe.
  4. Players playing in “singles” will be limited to playing on the 9-hole course at this time.
    1. We completely understand this might be frustrating- but this policy is to help us maintain an appropriate pace of play for all golfers.

Booking Policy

It is imperative that our Members & Guests abide by the below protocols as failure to do so will result in the individual(s) being removed from the facility. We must all become socially responsible for our actions and behaviour so golf can remain open for the enjoyment of all, through these challenging times.

Update on the golf course and 27 holes of operation (when applicable):

We have begun operating on an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course on a rotational basis.

  • Tee times on the 18-hole course will run from 7:00 am- 7:00 pm
  • Tee times on the 9-hole course will run from 10:00 am- 7:00 pm at 5 minute interval tee time
  • The 9-hole course will be utilized for single play only.
  • We encourage anyone only wanting to play 9 holes to book on the 9 hole course, allowing for more 18 hole rounds
  • Carts will not be permitted in the parking lot, the reasons are for liability, insurance, and to maintain better social distancing.

Booking your Tee-Time

As in years past, we have made some improvements to our in-house tee time system to help better serve all of our patrons, members, and public alike.

  1. Booking by telephone (403)227-3444 ext. 2.
  2. Bookings will be available, starting 7:00 AM, 8 days in advance (for Members) and 7 days in advance (for the public), with only one person from the group making the reservation.
  3. Players may only golf with those who live in the same household, or if the person lives alone, they may golf with two other players, both of whom must be in that player’s “close-contact” group.
  4. Players playing in “singles” will be limited to playing on the 9-hole course at this time.

    Rain-Check Policy

    If the Innisfail Golf Club deems the course unplayable on your scheduled day of play, you will not be charged. The Innisfail Golf Club reserves the right to limit golf cart access to cart paths only during inclement weather. A rain check may be issued for a future visit if staff deem the golf course unplayable for any reason including weather and lightning.

    Rain checks will be issued based on the number of holes you completed before the stoppage of play.

    Pace of Play & Etiquette

    In an effort to live up to our reputation as one of the best golf experiences in Alberta, it is our goal to provide consistency starting from the First Tee. Starters & Marshalls will be present for the majority of the day. This coverage may vary on days of low usage. To ensure the efficient operations of our facility, all guests and members please be aware of the Club’s expectations before you Tee off.

    • Estimated time of play is 4 hours
    • Course marshal has the authority to remove you from the club (without refund) if you fail to adhere to public health safety measures, including social distancing practices
    • Obey all on-course signs
    • Maintenance personnel have the right of way
    • All complaints and inquiries must be directed to the appropriate department manager. All club rules and rules of common courtesy must be strictly adhered to for the benefit and safety of all


    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are players permitted to bring their own Alcoholic beverages onto these premises as this is an A.G.L.C. LICENSED FACILITY



    The Innisfail Golf Club will be a CANNABIS-FREE facility. The use of cannabis will not be permitted anywhere on our grounds.

    Dress Code

    All players, volunteers, and visitors need to comply with the Innisfail Golf Club dress code. Tailored pants or shorts and a collared or mock-collared shirt are suggested. Ladies may wear a shirt without a collar, providing it has sleeves, or they may wear a sleeveless shirt providing it has a collar or mock collar. Persons not following the dress code will be asked to change their attire or leave the property.

    Only golf shoes with soft spikes (no metal spikes) or shoes with soft soles will be permitted.


    • Sweat Pants
    • Cut-offs
    • Gym shorts, Tennis shorts
    • Muscle or Tank shirts
    • Spaghetti Straps
    • Obscenely lettered clothing
    • Ripped or torn clothing

    Management is empowered to enforce this Dress Code and will make discretionary decisions where necessary.