After the development of the third nine holes at the Innisfail Golf Club, management, the board of directors and membership felt it was necessary to begin a plan to update the existing holes to match the new feel of the golf course. Working with Bill Robinson, they developed the “Master Plan”. With a solid plan for the reconstruction of a few key holes now in place – the Innisfail Golf Club will continue to grow and evolve, all while maintaining the tremendous reputation they have built since 1924.

Bunker Renovation – October 2018

With the mild start to the winter season, our grounds crew were able to make some great headway on the bunker renovation to a number of holes. In addition to these renovations, they were hard at work adding some new tee boxes to some of our more demanding holes. The addition of the redesigned bunkers and new tee boxes displays our golf club’s commitment to continually providing our members, guest and tournament goers with by far the most impressive golfing experience around!

Hazelwood #6

An unexpected, but wonderful, addition to our completion of the Master Plan began in the fall of 2016 with the redesign and reshaping of our signature hole Hazelwood #6. A generous donation, from a source that wishes to remain anonymous, allowed our construction and turf care department to begin the redesign of our signature hole a few years ahead of schedule. Being that Hazelwood #6 has long been seen as the signature hole at the Innisfail Golf Club, the Master Plan didn’t call from a complete overhaul of the hole. Its purpose was to assist with drainage and sinking turf near the surrounds of Hazelwood Lake. The new design will keep the essence and challenge of the hole while providing a little more room from the tee and an island-like green. Expected completion and opening of the new Hazelwood #6 is sometime mid-summer 2017.

Hazelwood #7

The third phase of the master plan was to reshape the green on Hazelwood #7. Long described as one of the hardest holes on our golf course, the old green was narrow and over the years developed a strong front to back slope. In a little over 2 months, the entire green was reshaped. It was enlarged, flattened, and all new bunkers where built. Since the green opened in late 2015, members have suggested that this might be one of the most exciting changes. By keeping the essence of the hole but making the green more accessible – it has drastically changed the play-ability of the hole.

Hazelwood #8

The second phase of the 10-year master plan at the Innisfail Golf Club got off to a frantic start in May 2014 – with the reconstruction of Hazelwood #8 (on of the most feared par 3s the club had to offer). It took all of about a week for the shapers and the hard-working members of the Innisfail Golf Club Turf Care department to completely revamp the layout of the hole, lay sod for the surrounding area, and seed the green. The hole is expected to be open by late July, early August, all of course dependent on Mother Nature. Check out the gallery below for a few pictures of the transformation and be sure to check back as we will be adding more as the growth progresses throughout the summer.

Hazelwood #9

As of May 15, 2012, the first step of the Master Plan has begun. The construction of the new Hazelwood #9 has begun and is making immediate progress. The shapers have begun moving dirt and soon you will be able to see the outline of what the new hole will look like. It is management’s hope that the hole will be seeded and ready for play by September of 2012.

Now open for a little over 3 years, the changes made to Hazelwood #9 has been a complete success. The hole, while still offering its challenge, has become drastically more playable and offers many more flag locations as its predecessor. Our Turf Care department has done a tremendous job maintaining this new green over is infant years – and we are sure it will only get better as it matures.