Corporate Member Highlight

Corporate Member Highlight

Corporate Members are always in good hands at Central Alberta’s # 1 Public Golf Destination.

Kings Energy Services

King’s Energy Services started in 1977 with one truck, one prover and one aspiring entrepreneur named Gary King. Over 40 years later King’s Energy Services has grown to over 80+ staff and multiple locations. 

Kings Energy Services works with customers all over the world in more than 15 industries delivering premium quality value products and services. They serve the industries of oil and gas, alternative energy, hospitals and healthcare, midstream (which includes pipeline, rail and marine transportation), water treatment, agriculture, manufacturing, offshore industry, plant operations, utilities (which includes valves instrumentation, and electrical related products) and the drilling sector. 

Kings is committed to the fulfillment of core values, which encompasses Trust, Accountability, Commitment to quality and safety, and Team focused collaboration. They will do their utmost to provide you with the best possible solution while maintaining high standards of value and customer service.

King’s Value Guarantee ensures that they are transparent, allowing you to be confident in your choice. Their experts will guide you to the ideal solution for your valve, instrumentation and electrical, or measurement needs.

We thank Kings Energy Services for being a 2021 Corporate Member.

Visit the Kings Energy Services website now.

The first truck when the company began in 1997.