Becoming a Shareholder of the Innisfail Golf Club

The biggest benefit to being a shareholder is that your Member Rates will be over $750.00 per person less per season compared to Non-Shareholder Rates.  Spouse, Common Law and Cohabitating Dependant of a Shareholder are all eligible for the reduced rates.

Other benefits include:

  1. Holding Office on the Board of Directors
  2. Voting Privilages
  3. Deciding any major projects or directions the club is going in the future.
  4. Best of all it gives you a guaranteed place to play golf as long as the share is in your name.

As far as the transaction itself, the process is as follows:

  1. Fill out an Application for Share Purchase.
  2. Determine the price that you are comfortable paying for the purchase of the share.  The approximate value to date is $2500 – $2700.
  3. The Club Manager will find a share for you to purchase.
  4. Once the amount is agreed upon you will need to have 2 Certified Cheques.  One made out to the seller for the amount of the share.  The second made out to the Innifail Golf Club for the Transfer Fee of $3000 + GST ($3150 total).  For example: if $2500 is the share price then $2500 + $3150 = $5650 would be the complete amount for the share, transer and taxes.
  5. Once this is complete the transfer will go before the Board of Directors as a Motion for Approval and you will be our newest shareholder.